Drustar also known as Drew Pryce(DP), is an American Pop/Soul/ R&B Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Record Producer, Actor, and Goodwill Humanitarian.

Sound, Style, & Genre Of Music

Drustar has been known to be one of the few artist on the Planet who combines several different elements in music to create a world class sound of Pop Fusion which is a style that has become all his own. He has undeniably grown to be known as one of the most prominent influential talents in music today.

Mission, Vision, & Values

All Music written, recorded, produced, and released by the artist Drustar also known as Drew Pryce(DP), is of the highest quality standard of music known in the industry. He has done work in almost every genre of music which has gained him recognition and high regards in the Industry as one who strives for musical excellence & achievement.